PRA Realty (I) Pvt. Ltd. enters the Indian arena with its international services, dynamic leaders and its mission to be pioneers in the area of Real Estate Development. PRA is a land acquisition and real estate development company with offices in Mumbai, Pune, and Chicago. The firm was founded in 2005 to take advantage of several historic secular trends in India,

  • Expected compound annual economic growth of 5% over the next four decades with the potential for high single-digit growth over the next 10 years.
  • Enormous wealth creation with the country's middle-class quadrupling by 2025 and per capita income increasing by up to 35 times by 2050.
  • An existing housing shortage in the range of 20-25 million units, which will continue to be fed by further urbanization and wealth creation.

We recognize the tremendous demand on the part of foreign capital to enter India as well as the increasingly relaxed legislative environment in which such investments can be made. As such, we primarily seek to attract foreign capital to acquire land and develop properties.

Land acquisition is the centre-point of our focus. Along with being a challenging task in a real estate project, it is also the one of most value added services. We are highly focussed on acquisition of property and over the past three years have been highly driven in our quest. We are top builders in pune. Areas surrounding our acquisitions have quickly turned into newly populated hubs, and we continue to look for and research high probability markets and properties.

We don't just stop here. Project development precedes land acquisition. At PRA we specialize in fair tendering, market research, and finally hiring the best artisans for the work ensuring transparency and clarity at each step.

Our core capabilities lie in the following areas:

Real estate class: Residential

  • The residential supply-demand mismatch noted above is robust and not likely to be closed completely for decades.
  • With legislation passed in 2005, foreign direct investment (FDI) used to develop integrated township properties became among the least difficult avenues for global investors to gain exposure to the enormous growth potential of India.
  • Secondarily, we continue to explore opportunities to develop commercial properties and hotels throughout the country, also with global investment partners.

Urban markets: Tier II and III cities like Pune, Nagpur, and Nasik

  • We believe these are the markets that will experience the greatest growth over coming decades as the national infrastructure improves and the demographic trends of wealth creation and urbanization continue unabated.
  • These cities also offer, in our opinion, more fairly priced land.

Geopolitical: Maharashtra

  • While we have considered and will continue to consider opportunities throughout India, our main focus is in the state of Maharashtra.
We understand the unique challenges of developing real estate in India, including but certainly not limited to:
  • Difficult and sometimes litigious land acquisition and aggregation.
  • Bureaucratic zoning and construction approval processes.
  • Management of development in the face of still-challenging infrastructure and extreme competition for resources and skilled labor.

To meet these challenges and take advantage of the tremendous opportunity, PRA has grown its core capabilities by attracting an experienced and complementary team. We have assembled a nationally recognized development team, and we possess the necessary expertise, local knowledge, and relationships to acquire strategic land economically. We are extremely proud of the superb track record we have amassed in our short life as a firm.